Choose the three events below with the greatest impact on our industry, today and in the future.


The first steps towards the World Wide Web are taken.


Travelweb was created as the first comprehensive online catalogue of hotels all over the world. Not much later a booking engine was added. In the same year, Jeff Greenwald writes the first travel blog.


Microsoft establishes an online travel agency: Expedia. This is also the year that Larry Page and Sergey Brin lay the foundation for Google. Also was founded this year, later


Establishment of Focused on convenience, accessibility and even last minute booking possibilities.


Start of TripAdvisor, above a pizza tent.


9/11, mentioned in the travel industry as a turning point for the success of online booking sites. Due to the decline in business and holidays, many hotels were forced to offer their overcapacity online. Microsoft sells Expedia.


Facebook starts and introduces a new concept in the travel industry; The possibility to share your experiences directly. Later continued with Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram.


Priceline buys in a further growth towards global reach.


The iPhone enables mobile access to the Internet. The start of many travel services for mobile devices.


Establishment of AirBedAndBreakfast, or Airbnb. This created a new type of traveller who wants to visit places in a different way.


Google, the search engine, buys a ticket software company. This way, after ten years of advertising income from the travel industry, the company itself becomes active. This raises the question to what extent the company can display independent search results, sell AdWords and offer travel itself. Especially after Google has taken over other travel sites and review sites.


HotelTonight makes a quick entrance into the market with a mobile app.


Expedia buys the German search site Trivago and Priceline buys the hotel search site Kayak. The major search, booking and comparison sites increasingly fall under the same owner. With great transparency for the bookers. TripAdvisor has 21 million visitors in March, just like Expedia.


OTA percentage of total sales of overnight stays in Europe grows from 26% in 2012 to 40% in 2017.


Further acquisition activities in the online travel industry. Priceline’s acquisition of RocketMiles should have hotels worried.

Impact van Online voor jullie.

How is the holiday and travel behaviour influenced by the internet?
What is the consequence if you do nothing?
To what extent do third parties remain independent?

Whereas online was a small side part in the past, for some new hospitality initiatives it is the basis for growth and development for the future. Check out Hotel News Now for all the latest news about online in hospitality.



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