Despite many channels to communicate with the student, real contact is becoming increasingly difficult. E-mails, student portals, websites, online contract management and more. Nevertheless, every student has the same questions. The abundance of information and data towards the student creates a minimal experience for the student.

First online reference point

It turned out that after 1,5 years of using GuestCompass, there is 80% less phone calls, e-mail traffic and desk visits. GuestCompass has become the starting point for the student. Whether they are looking for the Wi-Fi password, a repair request or garbage disposal. When booking the room every student gets the GuestCompass link of their location. So that they can already read and figure several things out at home.

Warner Thijssen De Key

Since the summer of 2018, we have also been sending push messages per location. When the window cleaners arrive, when there is a disconnection of water or something else. This allows us to focus very specifically on the most relevant information for the student at that moment. In 1 platform, we now manage more than 15 different locations. 40% of the information is the same for everyone but 60% is adjusted. The intrinsic knowledge and experience of the employees on location has now been digitised and this results in great internal efficiency.

_about De Key

Specialist in residential starters.
Young people with a limited income find almost no place to live in Amsterdam. That is why De Key gives this group the opportunity to take their first steps in the housing market. These starters are, for example, working young people, students, recent graduates, but also young couples, status holders, counselled young people and teenage mothers.

Residential starters receive a rental contract for a maximum of 5 years. They make use of everything the city has to offer and bring new energy and impulses. In the meantime, the starter builds up living time and is working on the next step. For some it is another social housing in the city or elsewhere, for others it is a living space that they finance themselves. This way, new residential starters get the chance to live in Amsterdam again and again. Woonstichting De Key is a housing corporation with over 37.000 rental units in Amsterdam, Diemen and Zandvoort.

De Key


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Students without keys

Housing association De Key and GuestCompass are currently running a pilot with “keyless” doors. Thanks to these smart door locks, students open the doors of their residential ...

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Open Sesame

A guest opens the door with his or her mobile. Then turns on the light and chooses the ideal temperature. This is not a fantasy but reality ...

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Expansion of our healthcare trial

In collaboration with Bureauvijftig, after a trial at one location at De Zorgboog, the use of the GuestCompass is now extended to three locations.