Vision: Make online personal.
Instead of big data, bots, and standard lists, use online for real contact.

Mission: To be the first online reference point.
The starting point, the first point of contact for people who you would like to surprise and connect


Kitesurfing to be precise

“Let’s first check my mobile phone... Hmm, no wind. Fortunately, we can work again.”

We have been kitesurfing since the last century. Importing and selling the Slingshot brand in the Benelux was our first company together. So if possible, we go out on the water and take as many people as possible with us to teach them how to kitesurf.

Nowadays also in the snow!

Online guest experience

Then we work

“If you really want to do be in online... Then set the goal to be as little online as possible.”

Everyone walks through life with their phone in their hands. It is our goal to design everything we offer mobile in such a way that you can quickly continue to do something else. 90% of the visitors find what they are looking for on GuestCompass in 1 or 2 clicks.

Without having to search, the most relevant within reach.