Customers often ask us about the possibilities to enter into a personal dialogue with guests online. They notice that most online channels have been created to transmit. Think of websites and e-mail, but also Facebook and Twitter. This means that an online conversation with the guest is not possible. This can be done by integrating Whatsapp or Chat into GuestCompass.

Benefits of Whatsapp

The advantage of Whatsapp is that you use the Whatsapp of the guest. They are familiar and comfortable with this. Therefore, it feels like a personal service for the customer. The tricky thing with Whatsapp is that you can only app someone from whom you first stored the number on your phone. With GuestCompass this is not necessary. We have an integration with Whatsapp which we can put on GuestCompass (without charge) on request. Guests can then click the Whatsapp icon in the GuestCompass and chat directly with the reception. Without saving the number first! Because Whatsapp is used so much, it is nice for guests to start contact in this way.

Use of chat software

Use of chat software The advantage of specific chat software is that all communication is saved and you can always look back at what has been discussed. You can also easily add a guest after identification so that he or she is recognized the next time. Communication can take place via a telephone or via the computer. Two major parties for online chat are Zopim and For both chat programs we have made an integration with GuestCompass. Both Zopim and have an extensive dashboard in which the reception can easily keep track of what has been discussed with which guests at what time. Also nice: both programs have free enough functionality.

Try it for yourself

At the moment, both integrations are running at different clients. Take a look at our demo (for mobile) environment or website how this looks and try what best suits your needs.

Are you curious about the effect in practice or do you want to discuss your situation with us? Please contact us. We like to think along with you.



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