The dynamic feedback module provides the guest the opportunity to give you feedback while your guest is in the hotel or on site.

The reception receives the feedback immediately and can take action quickly if necessary.
Negative feedback can then be resolved, so your guest leaves satisfied.

Management receives a monthly overview to monitor if the trend is moving in the right direction.

The Feedback

The module starts with a welcome message and a question that is answered with a "not happy", "OK" or "very happy" smiley.

When 'not happy' is chosen we advise to take action immediately.

Multiple questions can be added, which are rated with 1 to 5 stars. If a certain question is not relevant for a guest this question can be skipped. After the last question there is an option for comments, where the name and room number are mandatory. After submitting, a clickable "end screen" will show, that will direct the guest where you want.

The Report

There is an automated monthly report, which you can review on your phone via a magic link.
The report states, among other things:
• The customer satisfaction score
• The number of feedbacks and completed comments
• Each question score
• Trend analysis

Call to action

The 'end screen' can be your 'call to action' to the guest, or a sign of gratitude for submitting the feedback. For example provide a discount for a canal tour, which they naturally order with you.

We have prepared a number of end screens that can be adjusted to your taste. To see them, click below.

end screen examples


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