GuestCompass is a white label platform. So you can connect with your guest online in your own colour, style and brand. The possibilities of GuestCompass are endless. Depending on the hotel, the guest and the time of the week, we look at the best composition for you. Your GuestCompass changes automatically. The different modules focus on: Guest experience, Feedback, Upsell & Efficiency.       

Feedback during the stay

Prevent bad reviews by proactively inviting the guest to provide feedback. During the entire stay, the guest can indicate how he feels. In order to solve questions or problems while the guest is still in your hotel. The nice thing is that also the happy guests indicate how they experience their stay. The very satisfied guests can also immediately leave a review on TripAdvisor if desired.

Make online personal

Surprise and connect with your guest. Although GuestCompass is online, it certainly does not have to be impersonal. Show who you are and who is working today. Who cooks the eggs for breakfast, who does the check-in and who knows everything about cocktails. Your GuestCompass will be the ideal tool to offer a distinctive online guest experience.


During the week there may be more business guests. While on Friday the leisure guests arrive. The information they are looking for is not the same. Your GuestCompass adapts automatically, depending on the time and day of the week. If there is a market on Tuesday, then it indicates on Monday: There is a market on Tuesday. So the information is always relevant. Without extra work.

Curated offering

There is no need to have ten restaurants or bar tips listed in the GuestCompass. It is about the combination of online and offline contact. What works well is a curated offering. For example: “These are three restaurants where we like to eat out. If you are looking for something else, please pass by the reception. We have many more ideas.”


“If you are happy, tell it to the world and if there is a problem, tell us so we can help.” We invite the very satisfied guest to also leave a review on TripAdvisor. This way you get 1 or 2 extra reviews per day. For those wishing to stay away from TripAdvisor, you can just switch it off.


Through the FORM module it is possible to create all kinds of different forms. You can choose where these forms will be sent to. For example, it is possible to report a technical defect, order a bicycle or room service or have extra coffee cups brought to the room. The guest can also upload a photo. You can create the forms yourself and change them without limits.


Online close to your guest. Feel free to use chat messaging services such as WhatsApp. Ideal to chat directly with the guest via the reception computers and hotel phone number. But also Instant Messenger or external chat software is possible.

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Wake-up call

Via the wake-up call module the guest can indicate at what time they want to be awakened. It is not an alarm clock but an email request that comes in at the reception. If you do not use a wake-up call list, the module can of course be switched off.

Weather forecast

In cooperation with buienradar (Dutch weather forecast website), we provide a weather forecast for the next three hours. There is also a weekly overview available. Here you can also see the rainfall radar, nowadays almost indispensable. It is also possible to show this page on a tablet or screen in the lobby.

iFrame module

Through the iFrame module it is possible to easily link to other websites or information channels. On Texel we work together with the Texelse Courant for the latest news on every GuestCompass on the island. But we can also integrate your restaurant reservation tool or show Facebook events or the webcam.


If you like to surprise your guest with short movies, then these can also be shown. If the hotel is located a little further from public transport, a video can be a nice way to show how to get there. But also behind the scenes, for example in the kitchen, can be nice to share.

Groups & events

If there is a wedding or the entire hotel is booked by a large group, the GuestCompass can be fully customized. Or you can use separate pages so that only the relevant company sees the information. Such as the agenda, dining options or speaker information.

Your own shortcut icon

Every client gets his own custom-made favicon. So it is possible to put an icon on the home screen of the phone despite the fact that it is a web app. Easy for internal use and for the regular guests.

Room directory

TV channels, restaurant menus, and more. The hotel information folder in the room, also known as the ABC folder. With GuestCompass, all this information is digital. So if something changes, everything changes immediately. No need to print again. A nice cost saving on time and print. In addition, all information is in one location for both the guest and the employees.


GuestCompass reaches every guest in the hotel. Not only the people who have booked with you. This provides a more in depth view into the actual guest and their needs. In addition to nationality, it becomes visible at what time or which day which information is most important. The monthly overview with guest comments is a tool to immediately increase the service level today.

Mutiple languages

When the guest uses your GuestCompass, it automatically starts in the language of the operating system of the guest's telephone. So a German receives the German language and English, English. If a language is not offered, English will start.

External links

External links The GuestCompass is meant to be the start of the online trip. So not all information needs to be in the GuestCompass. The guest can be forwarded to relevant information via links. Such as public transport, attractions, events or other information. It is also possible to link to a telephone number or email address.


For the use of devices in the room, the paper manuals are usually in the cupboard. Now every device can be explained digitally in different languages, with possibly also a video. Such as the safe, the Nespresso machine, the air conditioning / heating or even the shower faucet. Do you also have apartments then it can be extended with kitchen equipment and a washer / dryer combination or more.


If you have a cooperation with a ticket partner, we can integrate this in the GuestCompass. This way the guest can purchase tickets directly from your account. If there is no own ticket partner, we can also make a link with the most relevant provider for you.

Local general information

Via central pages we offer local information for all our members. You can offer specific restaurants, cafes, museums, swimming pool or other general matters directly via our platform. If something does not exist in your neighborhood, we simply add it for you.

Guest Activation

There are several ways to bring the GuestCompass to the attention of your guests. Both online and offline. For example via the confirmation email, the arrival email via Revinate, landing page on the wifi, touch screens in the lobby, on the key card, the television in the room, during the check-in procedure, table cards in the room and many more. We are happy to assist in thinking about the best solution for your hotel.