GuestCompass is a white label platform. So you can connect with your visitors in your own colour, style and brand. The possibilities of GuestCompass are endless. Depending on the park, the guest and the time of the week, we look at the best composition for you. Your GuestCompass changes automatically. The different modules focus on: Guest experience, Feedback, Upsell & to improve usage of all functionality at the park.

Online contact during stay

During the entire stay the guest can connect online. So questions or possible problems can be solved while your visitors are having fun at the park If there is a change in the animation program, you can show it immediately.

The animation team

Although the GuestCompass is an online tool, it certainly does not have to be impersonal. Who is in the animation team, who works in the restaurant or sits at the register in the store in the morning. Which colleague knows most about nature or your excursions. Make online personal to improve the total experience.

The weekly program

The entire weekly schedule adjusts automatically. Monday pony rides, Tuesday pizza day, Wednesday morning nature tour. The system automatically adjusts to the time of day and day of the week. This way it is always relevant and up to date for visitors. Without extra work for your reception.

Curated offering

Not all information from the area, province or country is required in the GuestCompass. It is an interaction between online and offline contact moments. What works well is a curated offering. For example: "These are three walking tours that we like. If you are looking for something different, please drop by the reception. We have more suggestions."


"Are you happy tell the world, is there a problem tell us, so we can help." We invite the very satisfied guest to leave a review on tripadvisor. This way you will receive 1 or 2 extra reviews per day. If you are not a fan of tripadvisor, simply turn it off. Or you use another review site.

Order forms

Have you had enough of the paper order forms! Via the FORM module it is possible to create all kinds of different forms. You can choose where these forms are sent to. For example, it is possible to pass on a technical defect, reserve a bicycle or order pizza or have a high chair brought to the house. The guest can also upload a photo to indicate a possible problem. You can create the forms yourself and make unlimited changes.


Use WhatsApp, ideal for chatting with the guest directly via reception computers and your land line. But Instant Messenger is also possible or external chat software. This reduces visits to reception . So there is more time for guests who actually visit reception.

Weather forecast

Through a thirds party supplier we provide a forecast for the next three hours. In addition, a weekly overview is available. The rain radar can also be seen here, nowadays almost indispensable. It is possible to specially enable this page on a tablet or screen at reception.

iFrame module

Through the iFrame module it is possible to easily link to other websites or information channels. On Texel, for example, we work together with the Texelse Courant for the latest news in every GuestCompass on the island. But we can also integrate your restaurant reservation tool or show Facebook events or the webcam.


If you like to connect with your guest through short films. Then these can also be included. Show the park functionality or a nice impression of the restaurant. But also behind the scenes in the kitchen or with the maintenance team is nice to share.

Groups & Incentives

If there is a wedding or an area on the campsite reserved for a large group, the GuestCompass can be fully adjusted. Or you use separate pages so that only the respective group sees the information. Such as the agenda, meal times or when transportation is organised for the next part of their program.

Personal favicon

Each park receives their own tailor-made favicon. It is possible to place a tile on the home screen of the phone despite being a web app. Easy for internal use and for guests at the permanent rental places.

Arrival information

TV channels, restaurant menus, surroundings, and much more. As mentioned in the information folder handed out at arrival. With GuestCompass all this information is digital. So if something changes, everything changes immediately. No need to print again. A nice cost saving in time and print. In addition, all information is at one point for both the guest and your employees.


GuestCompass reaches all guests during the stay. Not just the person who made the booking. This gives a deeper insight into the actual visitor and their need. In addition to nationality, it becomes visible when and which information is most important. The monthly overview with comments from the guest provides direct feedback to increase the service level today.

Multiple languagess

When the guest uses your GuestCompass, it automatically starts in the language of the operating system of the guest's telephone. So a German guest starts in the German language and English in English. If a language is not offered, English is the default language.

External connections

The GuestCompass is the start of the online journey. So not all information is required in the GuestCompass. The guest can be redirected to relevant information via links. Such as public transport, local events, attractions, or other information. It is also possible to link to a telephone number or email address.


Now every appliance can be explained digitally in different languages, possibly with a film clip. This way you lower the questions and improve the life time of your equipment.

Local information

Via central pages we offer local information for all our members. You can offer specific restaurants, caf├ęs, museums, swimming pools or other general matters directly via our platform.