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Now that all communication runs digitally via third parties; how do you stay in contact with your guests as a hotel?

GuestCompass is the tool for your communication with the guest during their stay.

Online guest experience

For online communication with the guest the following conditions are important:

  • Always in your own name and brand
  • Super relevant, what is happening here and now
  • Curated offering, not everything needs to be in the tool
  • Storytelling, make online personal

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It is not an app

Hotels are experiencing something we have called: “App fatique”. Guests are less willing to download an app for a stay of two to three nights. GuestCompass is therefore directly accessible via the internet. In the hotel or even before arrival.  You do not have to download anything.

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Expansion of our healthcare trial

In collaboration with Bureauvijftig, after a trial at one location at De Zorgboog, the use of the GuestCompass is now extended to three locations.  

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30 years online

What does this mean for the future of hospitality? How is the holiday and travel behaviour influenced by the internet?  What is the consequence if you do ...

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After a few months it was already clear that GuestCompass offered a niche in student communication.  After a week, the trial was held at two locations at ...