In the past 18 months we have spoken to several hotels, chains, campsites and other accommodation providers. Through these conversations we have come to realize that, in general, there are three visions regarding focus on online contact with the guest during their stay. See below three quotes that accurately represent the different visions. Hopefully this will help to quickly determine which vision best describes your company.

“Contact with my guests? They have to book, check in, pay and leave.”

As with the other categories, this is a real quote from a conversation. Indeed, a very short conversation. It is a bit the philosophy of the banks before the crash. Not too much customer contact and leave the customer alone as much as possible so they stay asleep and do not ask questions. To be honest, we cannot say much about this. The banks still exist and are flourishing. As long as there is cash inflow available from time to time, tax money or otherwise, this is quite a feasible story.

“We mainly focus on personal contact, there is already so much online.”

Vroom & Dreesman, Hema, Videoland, Halfords, OAD, possibly this is not the desired or even the right association for your brand and strategy. But also at your place, the most frequently asked question is: “How do I connect to Wi-Fi?” GuestCompass stands for less internet - more holidays, by making your hotel and employees the first online reference point. In order to also fulfil the hospitality function online that the guest expects.

“We have just had a meeting regarding our online contact strategy, when can you visit us?”

online contact strategy, when can you visit us?” This is also a real quote; from a five star hotel in Amsterdam. Admittedly, this is one of the early adaptors that thinks about online contact during the stay. A better description for the third category is probably: “Even this, we are already so busy. Come and visit me. I understand that I need to have an opinion on this.”

_what is the added value?

GuestCompass enables the hotel, from small to large, and its employees to also be the online guide for the guest. Under their own name and brand. To surprise and connect the guest. The result is a stronger brand, more and better reviews and more referrals.

The guest has many online contact moments during their stay at the hotel. Contact moments that offer an opportunity to be closer to the guest and thus prevent third parties and other brands from pulling the guest relationship towards them. In addition, you offer the guest a fantastic extra experience that results in less internet - more holidays.

online guest experience


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