A guest opens the door with his or her mobile. Then turns on the light and chooses the ideal temperature. This is not a fantasy but reality with GuestCompass at Pier 7. Connect online with your guest in your own brand name.

Pier 7 in Vlissingen

This ideal world is in Zeeland. At Pier 7 in Vlissingen. Pier 7 is a sand pavilion with hotel rooms that have been built under the boulevard of Vlissingen! All hotel rooms give direct access to the beach. A guest steps straight into the sand from his hotel room, unique in the Netherlands.

Additional online contact moments

In addition to this first contact, the guests receives convenient hotel information, cross-sell opportunities and information about the surroundings. It is a digital reception, your online room directory, room access and room control and much more. The GuestCompass perfectly matches the special style and brand experience of Pier 7, to optimise the guest journey.

Claim the customer journey

A few days before arrival, every guest of Pier 7 receives an invitation via e-mail to activate the mobile key in their GuestCompass. A nice, first contact moment that warms the guest for his or her stay. The guest steps into the hotel, as it were, while they are still at home on the couch.

GuestCompass is not an App

Opening the door and operating the room automation with web app instead of an app is unique. The guest does not have to download or install anything. GuestCompass is white label so it matches your style perfectly.

GuestCompass & GuestConnect

The possibility of opening your door with a telephone has been around for several years. Both for home use and in hotels. However, it is still hardly used by hotels and hotel guests. That is a missed opportunity, because it offers ease of use and the opportunity to regain the customer journey.
At Pier 7 we work together with HOTEK and ABB. Hotek supplies the cloud ready locks that we connect to our platform so that the key access from the GuestCompass becomes possible. The room automation by ABB is based on KNX, an open standard for building automation.

The GuestCompass authentication platform GuestConnect is lock independent. We can control almost every electronic lock and that applies to existing situations as well as newly build. A hotel is therefore not dependent on a particular lock brand or the app that belongs to the brand.

GuestCompass feature overview


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Students without keys

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Open Sesame

A guest opens the door with his or her mobile. Then turns on the light and chooses the ideal temperature. This is not a fantasy but reality ...

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Expansion of our healthcare trial

In collaboration with Bureauvijftig, after a trial at one location at De Zorgboog, the use of the GuestCompass is now extended to three locations.