The camera function of your phone can directly scan any QR code. No need to seperate QR sacnning apps. Ideal to guide your guest towards your GuestCompass or even specific content you want to share. Like room service, Gin Tonic tasting or how to use the safe.

Scanning a QR code with your iPhone

Start the camera function of the phone and aim at the QR code. At the top of your screen you see a blue button. Click the button. Check the movie below for an example.

Scanning a QR code with your Android phone

Press the home button, then click on the camera icon. Aim at the QR code and tap the QR code in the image of the camera. Check the movie below for an example.

Using Google lens on Android

If you do not immediately see the Google lens icon after pressing the home button on your android, click on the 4 Google bullets at the bottom. The Google lens icon will appear directly.

The year of the QR code revival

In China, QR codes have always had a tremendous success, partly due to China’s largest social network, WeChat, that has a built-in QR code reader. According to CNN Tech, the Chinese market registered $1.65 trillion in transactions using the codes in 2016, accounting for about a third of all mobile payments in the country. In China QR codes are everywhere and you can do everything with them, from making payments to connecting with others, or linking to a specific page or piece of content, the sky's the limit.

Now that Apple has integrated a QR code reader in the iOS 11 camera app, could QR codes make a comeback in the US? We think so. Check the whole article here:

the year of the QR code


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