With the GuestCompass CMS you have full control over the content on the (web) app. To help you fill in various parts of your (web) app, we offer several tutorial videos below. If you cannot find a solution, you can consult with us within office hours via our chat. Good luck!

Solving a problem together

GuestCompass wants your (web) app to function optimally. If for any reason this is not the case, you can also contact us by phone at 0031 (0)85 210 09 99

NOTE! If you want us to take a look at your screen, please install TeamViewer before calling us.

Video instructions

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1 CMS introduction

Duration: 02:34

A 2,5 minute bird's eye view of the tool to make changes to your GuestCompass.

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2 Making a new page

Duration: 04:53

Set up a new page from the start, check here.

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3 How to make a page live so you can see it

Duration: 02:30

To be able to see a newly build page, there first need to be made a link to this page. Check this video to see how this works.

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4 Deleting a page

Duration: 01:52

If a page is not used anymore and there is no point in keeping it for next year you can delete it. This is only possible if there are no links to this specific page on any of the other pages.

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5 Adding a text

Duration: 02:02

In this video we show you how to add a text field on a page.

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6 Inserting and changing buttons and links

Duration: 04:07

All buttons and links are made through the LINK module. This module is explained in this video.

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7 How to link to a website

Duration: 03:21

If you want to link to another website, email address or phone number you can use the external link option. Check this video to see how this works.

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8 Changing text

Duration: 01:17

If you want to change the text on a page please check this movie.

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9 Adding photo's to the CMS

Duration: 01:08

Here we explain how to upload the pictures to the IMAGES tab in the CMS.

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10 Adding a photo to a page

Duration: 01:44

After uploading a photo to the CMS you can make it visible on a page.

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11 Placing buttons IN the carrousel

Duration: 02:09

If you prefer to place links/buttons in the pictures in the carrousel check this video.

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12 To enable or disable text or buttons and use the timer

Duration: 02:40

Buttons and text fields can temporarily be manually disabled, or you can use the timer function to do this automatically.

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13 Adding photo's to a text field

Duration: 03:05

It is also possible to show photo's within a text field. Check this video to see how. If you struggle please feel free to reach out.

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14 Using timers

Duration: 01:44

It is possible to show specific content depending on the day and time of day.

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15 Page titles and CMS categories

Duration: 02:40

Within the CMS you can use categories to organise the back end. In this video we also show you how to enable page titles on the pages. I

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16 Adding an external link in a text field

Duration: 02:55

Check this video if you want to link to a website, email address or phone number within a text field.

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17 Making a form (advanced)

Duration: 05:01

Through the form module you can make your own form and or survey. If you need any help let us know.

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