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Every student housing organisation has a website, student portal, booking channel, e-mail, chat and of course paper. Despite all these channels, there is less and less contact with the student. The students are mainly focused on information they need now and they prefer not to search for it.

GuestCompass is the online start (point) for all tenants. Both for building specific information and general questions. The student can read the information step by step.

Relevant & flexible

On arrival and departure, the student will find the most relevant information here. Once in the house, they can use GuestCompass for all weekly or daily questions and comments. From repair requests to hygiene and fire safety.

It automatically refers to information that is present in other places within the organization. This way the compass is the starting point for the online journey of the student.

They are happy, you are happy

Our statistics show that many students carefully read all information before arrival via your own GuestCompass.

The GuestCompass also uses push messages, chat, WhatsApp or e-mail depending on your wishes.

Below are some examples:

Check live show cases here_


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Dynamic Feedback Module

Get feedback from your guests During their stay. Are you unhappy, tell us, are you happy, tell it to the world!

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Students without keys

Housing association De Key and GuestCompass are currently running a pilot with “keyless” doors. Thanks to these smart door locks, students open the doors of their residential ...

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Using the QR code

Use a QR code to activate the GuestCompass and reduce paper use in the hotel. Your camera phone can scan the QR code. Try it yourself!