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GuestCompass for holiday parks is not an APP. The visitor does not need to download anything. They are sent directly to your own GuestCompass. It can also be linked via Wi-Fi.

The route directions for your guests. Information about the cottages. The daily entertainment program. That’s what GuestCompass is for.

Ideal for spontaneous actions

Both from the guest and from you. Whether they order pizza on the changeover day, a raclette set or want to request the bread service.

You can communicate it to the guests and they can respond to it.

Also for the permanent guests

The GuestCompass web app is for your regular guests the way to pass on their wishes, comments and repairs.

Through chat, WhatsApp or e-mail, they can contact you as soon as necessary.

Check here some live show cases_


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Expansion of our healthcare trial

In collaboration with Bureauvijftig, after a trial at one location at De Zorgboog, the use of the GuestCompass is now extended to three locations.  

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After a few months it was already clear that GuestCompass offered a niche in student communication.  After a week, the trial was held at two locations at ...

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Chat or Whatsapp

Most online channels have been created to transmit. Think of websites and e-mail, but also Facebook and Twitter. This means that an online conversation with the guest ...